Double edge safety razor next to a cartridge razor If you walk into your local supermarket, you will no doubt find a pack of cartridge razors everywhere in the health and beauty aisle. However, it didn’t used to look like this. Decades ago, these were not the most popular forms to exist. You might not have given it much thought but these cartridge razors aren’t the best design either.

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Since the dawn of time, this website has been sitting on a simple web server hosted on DigitalOcean. However, I decided to use GitLab Pages instead. For those who aren’t aware of what GitLab Pages is, it is essentially a free service for hosting static websites. GitLab sorts out all of the complex pieces of setting up a server for you so all you need to do is focus on making the website and generating the content.

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Backstory Recently I started getting into electronics. I got set up using an Arduino and figured I could make something useful with it. At the time I was tinkering with the Arduino, I had a LAN adblocker. Essentially blocking ads on every device on my local network. I was using pihole, and it had an open API that allowed me to request statistics about how many ads it was blocking.

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