Since the dawn of time, this website has been sitting on a simple web server hosted on DigitalOcean. However, I decided to use GitLab Pages instead. For those who aren’t aware of what GitLab Pages is, it is essentially a free service for hosting static websites. GitLab sorts out all of the complex pieces of setting up a server for you so all you need to do is focus on making the website and generating the content.

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Backstory Recently I started getting into electronics. I got set up using an Arduino and figured I could make something useful with it. At the time I was tinkering with the Arduino, I had a LAN adblocker. Essentially blocking ads on every device on my local network. I was using pihole, and it had an open API that allowed me to request statistics about how many ads it was blocking.

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Jorrell Holtze

A fun website where I talk about my projects and other various things that are interesting to me.

Software Engineer

Adelaide, Australia